The estimating process is long and complex. It depends on analyzing the RFP, locating massive amounts of pertinent detail, processing that information, and then crafting it into a final estimate that will be both accurate and priced for success.

Historically, estimating was a manual operation supported by calculators or spreadsheets. It was a slow process that was time consuming and error-prone. To be competitive in the construction trades today you need better tools.

Today, construction estimators need a powerful automated solution. The best and most comprehensive solution comes from The Estimating Edge.

Why The EDGE is the choice of more leading contractors

  • 30-year reputation for excellence in construction estimating
  • Leading contractors use our software to bid $50 billion annually
  • A more complete solution
  • Customized for your needs
  • Trade Specific
  • Pre-populated up-to-date databases
  • Electronic drawing screen
  • Labor estimating options
  • Outstanding Support and Training
  • Report Flexibility
  • Streamlined, end-to-end solution
  • Easy to learn, easy to use
  • Best service in the industry
  • Impressive, proven ROI

Remember, a good estimate can be your most important selling tool. Think of the peace of mind you will feel knowing that are using a powerful system that can quickly produce, accurate, error-free reports.

To schedule a live demonstration or to learn more about how The EDGE can streamline your estimating and increase your profits call (844) 334-3378 or fill out this short form.

what our clients say

“We have been using The EDGE since 1990. Not only does The EDGE allow us to quickly and accurately generate estimates, but it also allows us to manage our projects more efficiently. The EDGE helps us transfer knowledge from the estimating department to the field. We use Drawing Reports with partition and ceiling types overlaid on the plans to flatten the learning curve during project startup. We use Stocking Reports to quickly and easily determine how much material needs to be ordered for particular phases. The EDGE’s responsive and friendly technical support team has successfully helped us customize our software to fit our specific needs. I recommend The EDGE to anyone that is looking for robust but easy to use estimating software.”

Acoustics & Specialties, LLC
William H. Roark, President & Owner

“We have been using The EDGE for almost 10 years and it has done wonders for our productivity. We have been able to increase the amount of estimates we produce while being more accurate and not having to increase the staff. The reporting we get out of the software is invaluable. Our vendors, superintendents and clients all like what information we can produce in a short time. We have always been able to talk person-to-person when we needed support and the resolutions have been done in a timely manner. It has been one of the best purchases we have made and I would recommend it to any Specialty Contractor.”

Aladdin Construction Co.
Pete Butera, Jr.

“…With the purchase of this software and the commitment to making this software the key to our estimating department, very quickly we witnessed unparalleled opportunity. We immediately became the go to company with our ability to provide alternates within minutes due to The Estimating Edge software. In little over 6 months in the implementation of The EDGE software, we tripled the amount of proposals we sent out, lowered the amount of time it took to create a takeoff, increased the size of projects we are able to bid in a timely manner, and doubled our previous years annual revenue. With this new paradigm shift in the way estimating is done through The Estimating Edge, we will never go back to the dinosaur days when paper and pencil was the only way…”

Architecture Roofing & Remodeling, LLC.
Samuel M. Imbriaco, General Manager

“It is my pleasure to provide this testimonial for The Estimating Edge. We have used The EDGE for our estimating since 2003. The system has grown with us from digitizing printed plans to on-screen take-offs. Our estimates are more consistent with material cost and labor production rates. Bids can easily be revised  due to addendum changes. Reports can be generated based upon Project Manager and Field needs. The Edge continues to improve their product and is helpful and responsive to the users questions.”

Charlotte Paint Company, Inc.
Samuel W. Henderson, Jr., President

“…Over the years, the EDGE has developed into a state of the industry estimating program with capabilities to provide accurate estimates, tools for cost tracking, submittal drawings and field management tools. It continues to grow as a necessary tool in the fireproofing business. I have seen and tried at least 20 systems over the last two decades and have not found a system that can do what the EDGE can do for us.

From the smallest job we have done to the $40 million fireproofing contract at the MGM City Center, the EDGE has been the system we have chosen to put our trust in for estimating and cost control in fireproofing…”

Clayton National
Tom Anderson, Senior Project Executive

“…I have been using The EDGE program since 1988 for roof takeoff and labor & material estimates.  The EDGE program is very user friendly, easy to learn and incorporates many safeguards to help avoid mistakes. Estimates can be completed 5 times faster than other programs. The Data Base includes every component, product and system for sloped and flat roofing.  The program has been upgraded and tweaked over the years to keep up with technology and industry changes. There has never been additional costs for these upgrades. The technical support has always been outstanding. You call they answer and provide quick courteous solutions. I have said many times If The EDGE was not available I would quit estimating…”

Crowther Roofing & Sheet Metal of Florida, Inc.
Roger J. Smith, Senior Vice President

“We have been using The EDGE Estimating software for 14 years. After using other estimating software from time to time, We have always relied on the data from The EDGE, to the point we have retired all other programs after brief periods of time. We are currently running three users with the network database version for timely accurate estimates. The depth of the database is second to NONE! The export interface to accounting in conjunction with the unique ability to handle template items for options has given us a huge lead on our competition. There is no question after 30 years in the Drywall, Stucco, Metal Framing Industry, The Estimating Edge has been a huge key to our success.”

Fallsafe Walls & Ceilings
Jeffery G Walls, President

“Integrated Interiors has been using The EDGE to estimate Drywall and Acoustic Ceiling work now for over 15 years. We have evolved from digitizer boards to on-screen takeoffs. We originally choose The EDGE over your competitors because it is easily customizable to the way WE estimate. Conditions can be built as simply or as detailed as required. Smart Labor adds both speed and accuracy to the Bidding process. Materials are easily quantified which helps Project Management. When you need to order studs for the 3rd floor east wing, The EDGE makes it easy to isolate conditions and materials. Using The EDGE has given Integrated Interiors the edge in bidding and securing work.”

Integrated Interiors, Inc.
Karl Ekonomy

The EDGE has been the most invaluable tool we have in our bag. For the past 20 years (hard to believe its been that long) we have used it daily for all of our estimating and project management. The speed, flexibility, detail and reports allow us to produce very accurate bids. We have developed years of detailed historical data with The EDGE that we rely on for all of our Estimating. The support and training we receive is the best out of all of our vendors. The Tapered Module and Sheet Metal Optimizer have saved us $$$$$ over the years. I cant really say enough except that without The EDGE, we would be lost! Keep up the good work!

International Roofing
S. Scott Birch, President

“I personally have been using The EDGE estimating software since the late 1980s. We had used an estimating DOS based software which was setup similar to The EDGE in the early 80s but was all manual entry. The EDGE software was able to replace the DOS based, antiquated spreadsheets and other forms of estimating tools the industry had been using for years. We wanted to ensure all estimators were providing estimates in the most efficient format and allowed us to take that estimate and turn it into a job cost just by adding some coding. The team at The EDGE listened and made changes as needed to help us exceed our goals. There are other products on the market and we have purchased or looked extensively at all no one serves the roofing industry better. We look forward to our future growth together.”

K Post Company
Keith Post, Owner/Estimator

“Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much the Edge estimating system has helped our company over the years. It has increased our fireproofing estimating by allowing us to bid twice as many fireproofing jobs as before thus reducing our takeoff time in half. Once we get the project, shop drawings are just a few clicks of a button away versus a long drawn out process of marking up every beam with corresponding thickness. If the UL design changes it is just a simple few clicks of a button as well. It has taken the tedious process of running numbers out of our fireproofing takeoffs.  With regards to EIFS, I was a little skeptical of switching from my old school way of takeoffs, but am I ever glad I did!! Once we got our database built to our companys liking, training my other estimators was very simple. It is a very user friendly system and very efficient thus saving our company from having to hire an extra estimator every year to put out estimates. It is well worth the investment!!!”

Oaks Brothers, Inc.
Greg Oaks, President

“The EDGE estimating software has been our only estimating solution since 1991. We depend on The EDGE for accurate takeoffs along with detail pricing for all our divisions including Drywall, Acoustical, EIFS, Fireproofing, Flooring, Painting, and Metal Wall Panels. The company and the staff at AES have a deep commitment to customer satisfaction and have worked with us in tailoring the software to fit our needs from estimating to job cost exporting to our accounting software. I highly recommend The EDGE Solution for estimating.”

FL Crane & Sons, Inc.