Takeoff and Construction Estimating Software for subcontractors to prepare construction estimates.

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Takeoff and Construction Estimating Software for Professionals

To be successful in the construction industry you must be able to provide clients with estimates that are accurate and profitable.
Estimates must be low enough to win the business, but high enough to assure a profit. If an estimate does not hit the mark, you can fail to win the business or, even worse, secure the business and lose money on the job.

The stakes are high. Construction estimates are complex and challenging because of the myriad of variables. For over thirty years the Estimating Edge has been a trusted provider of commercial construction estimating software, called The EDGE™. A market leader, the Estimating Edge was the first company to build a solution that has a complete construction estimating solution – Takeoff and Cost Estimating in just one software application, which reduces your risk of data transfer error.

Built by trade experts, The EDGE enables commercial subcontractors to prepare job estimates with greater accuracy, increased efficiency and consistent estimates across your company, resulting in better forecasting for job profitability.

Depend on The EDGE to increase your profits by producing more estimates faster and with greater accuracy. For more information and or a demonstration give us a call at (844) 334-3378 or fill out the short form below.

Takeoff and Construction Estimating Software for subcontractors to prepare construction estimates.

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Estimating and Blueprint Takeoff Software
Built for Estimators in these Trades

Our total focus is on providing our customers with the highest-quality construction estimating software, most complete training, and most responsive support in the business.

  • Roofing


    Inaccurate, error-prone estimates can mean big trouble to a Roofing Contractor and can even lead to operating losses. Even if your construction estimates are accurate, you still need to have the capability to produce enough estimates to meet crunch-time demands.

    Learn more about how to gain an Edge over your competitors in the Roofing industry.

  • Painting

    Interior and Exterior Painting

    Our construction estimating software offers a room-by-room takeoff option and a general painting takeoff option by surface and type. The EDGE quickly and accurately produces detailed reports including profit recap reports, alternate pricing, ordering, job costing, and other customizable reports.

    Our construction estimating software quickly prepares every calculation you’ll need to generate accurate material pricing and labor production costs for your painting projects. Learn more.

  • Flooring


    The EDGE module for the flooring trade has extensive customization options built to maximize your company’s production and profitability. You simply choose the type of flooring to be used; then, you also have the option of choosing base, trim, thresholds, corners, and walls to be measured.

    Find out more about how The EDGE can help your business generate faster more accurate flooring estimates.

  • Drywall

    Drywall Estimating

    The EDGE software for Drywall quickly and accurately produces detailed reports including profit recap reports, alternate pricing, ordering, and job costing, which can be easily customized to meet your specific needs. You can separate the recaps or combine them for drywall and acoustical.

    Getting started on construction estimates for your next drywall project? Find out how The EDGE can help you generate smarter faster estimates.

  • Fireproofing

    Better Fireproofing Estimates

    Our construction estimating software comes with an extensive fireproofing database, including steel surfaces. Our Fire Test database contains UL designs and formulas and auto assigns many thicknesses. Among the many features is the ability to copy shapes from one area to another.

    When you employ The EDGE fireproofing module, it may pay for itself on just the first or second job. Find out more today.

  • Acoustical

    Experience quality

    Our construction estimating acoustical database contains numerous suppliers and manufacturers of acoustical components including Armstrong and USG specialty groups. It includes systems for both rated and non-rated ceilings. We have an incremental area for tile calculations and conditions can be replicated for room-by-room estimates, which saves time in preparing estimates.

    Find out how you can make acoustical estimate changes on the fly with The Estimating Edge.

  • EIFS

    Exterior Insulation and Finish System

    The Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems, or EIFS estimating module of Edge Estimating Software helps you maximize your company’s bidding capabilities with spray charting and easily generated shop drawings. Full team-member access helps you speed up the process, saving your business time and money.

    Learn more about how The EDGE makes complex EIFS estimating simple.

Increase Job Profitability and Use The EDGE to:

Measure a job

Know your project numbers inside and out. With The EDGE, you have access to all of your measurements. Forget about “guess work.” Now you can bid with confidence and rest assured that your estimates are accurate.

Price a job

Understand the total materials and labor costs of your next project. With The EDGE, you can rest easy knowing that your actual labor and material costs are baked into your bid. These aren’t guesses, they’re the real numbers.

Review the bid

Our reports allow you to see the job cost details and the probability of profit/loss based on the estimate. A breakdown of the materials, labor is also provided to determine if you need to go back and revise the estimate.

Manage the job

Share project details with key personnel working on your project. Multiple team members can access and contribute to estimates throughout the bidding process ensuring greater accuracy and maximizing profit.

Takeoff and Construction Estimating Software for subcontractors to prepare construction estimates.

To schedule a live demonstration or to learn more about how The EDGE can streamline your estimating and increase your profits call (844) 334-3378.