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EDGE on SiteSM extends the power of The EDGETM Estimator into the field giving users the power to monitor production progress in real-time.

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Intelligent Mobile Production Management

You’ve won the bid with the insanely accurate estimate built with The EDGE™, but now you have to put it into production without letting your profit margins slip. EDGE on Site takes your estimates and to the field, allowing your Foreman to track progress and correct cost overruns as they occur. The easy-to-use EDGE on Site production management app runs on an Apple® iPad®, mapping the estimate, drawings, and change orders with virtually no data entry.

More Than Just Schedule Tracking

Tracking labor on site is time-consuming, and your Foreman already has plenty to keep him busy. Especially when the real value is in tracking against the actual estimate and change orders. EDGE on Site makes it easy by allowing the Foreman to simply select individual takeoff components as they are completed, giving key insight into exactly where production exceeds the original budget.

Your Estimate Gone Mobile

EDGE on Site is the easiest way to bring your actual estimate, including blueprints, drawings, and change orders to the field for production. All data is sent from The EDGE software directly to the EDGE on Site iPad app, allowing progress to be tracked in real-time if there is WIFI available on site, or managed on an Apple iPad if there is not.

Always Up-To-Date

You will never have to wonder whether a blueprint or change order is current with EDGE on Site. The mobile production management app connects seamlessly with The EDGE estimating software to ensure that your Foreman is always equipped with the most current version of everything relating to the job.

Virtually No Data Entry

The real power behind EDGE on Site is in how easy it is to use. Rather than require Foreman to enter data, he merely has to select takeoff “shapes” as they are completed. This allows for real-time progress reporting, and allows Project Managers to drill down into cost codes, unit rates, and more to analyze performance in detail.

Build It Like You Bid It

Apart from estimating, production is where profits can quickly disappear. By simply and easily tracking production based on the actual estimate and change orders, your Foreman can ensure that production matches the estimate or change order, and act swiftly to curtail any problems before they get out of control. EDGE on Site will not only help your business stay on point during production, but it also helps in building future estimates by pinpointing precisely where and how cost overruns occur.

Stay On Top, On Time, and On Target

So many variables can affect production that it can be extremely difficult to pinpoint exactly where a job goes awry, let alone to identify issues as they happen. EDGE on Site gives your team the power to stay on top of production every step of the way, and help identify problems when production deviates from the estimate or change order. Additionally, project managers or owners can be automatically notified via email or text when progress benchmarks are reached, keeping all stakeholders updated along the way.

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