Saving Material Price and Production Rate to The Database

Material Pricing and Labor Production rates can be updated or added to the database allowing every user to have the most current pricing/rates.

Material can be sent back to the database for future jobs. E.g. the insulation use to be $73 / square we are changing this in the database to $75 / square.

Labor production can be sent back to the database for future jobs. E.g. the production rate was 1.5 squares of insulation an hour now we are changing the database to have 2 squares an hour.

These steps ensure that every time you use the new material or production rate it is available for all users, across your company.


  1. Double click on a job file name to open the job and navigate to the condition list screen.


  1. Click the material pricing screen  or labor screen .


  1. The material pricing screen or labor screen window appears. Update the unit price or production rates.


  1. Click the item to send to the database.


  1. Click the Send to Database button .


  1. Select the fields to send to the database or click the Select All button.


  1. Click OK.


For an overview of how to save pricing and production rates to the database, watch the video: