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Case Studies

Case study for construction estimating software, Yorkshire Federal

Yorkshire Federal

A full-service roofing company that offers a complete line of roofing, waterproofing, and painting products and services. Prior to using The EDGE™ Carl Morse, Estimator and Project Manager was using pencil, paper and spreadsheets. Read the Case Study to see how The Estimating Edge helped.


Maxwell Roofing and Sheet Metal

John Maxwell, President of Maxwell Roofing and Sheet Metal, was on a mission to find a program that would work how he worked and would help speed up his estimating process without sacrificing the quality of his work. Read how The EDGE™ helped.


The Estimating Edge, Carolina Commercial Roofing

Carolina Commercial Roofing

Established in 1990 by current owner, president, and sole estimator, Dale Gillis, Carolina Commercial Roofing, Inc. is a full-service roofing contractor offering a variety of quality roofing services including new construction, installation, replacement and repairs. Carolina Commercial has completed some of the most prestigious commercial roofing projects including Apple’s Data Center, the corporate office for State Farm, the Mandarin Hotel in Buckhead, and Cox Power for Cox Communications in Atlanta. The EDGE™ enabled Carolina Commercial to win and complete these projects.


The Estimating Edge, Martin Brothers

Martin Brothers

Martin Bros. wanted to replace their in-house database system with something all-inclusive, continually updated by the vendor and easily customizable. In addition, they were looking for an easy to learn and use application that would allow them to bid jobs more accurately and consistently. Here’s how we helped.


The Estimating Edge, Olympic Companies

Olympic Companies

With the goal of being in business to be successful and show profits on every job, Olympic Companies, Inc. was in the market for a program that would allow them to increase productivity, speed and accuracy, while maintaining their company culture and philosophy. The EDGE™ Estimator gave them the ability to recap a job the way they wanted to and allowed them to keep their existing methodology of estimating.


The Estimating Edge, International Roofing Corporation

International Roofing

International Roofing has been a customer of The Estimating Edge LLC. Since 1995, they have successfully used The EDGE™ to increase revenue and productivity. According to owner Scott Birch, The EDGE gave International Roofing the ability to keep up with competition and customize bids faster and more accurately.


The Estimating Edge, HF3 Construction

HF3 Construction, Inc.

Driven by a desire to grow and improve the company, Hf3 Construction, Inc. was actively looking for a way to increase the efficiency and accuracy of their estimating and bidding process. Additionally, they wanted to cut estimating costs in order to invest in other areas of their business. According to its owner, the implementation of The EDGE™ positively changed everything about how Hf3 Construction, Inc. runs and operates.


White Papers

Six Steps to Buying Estimating Software

Six Steps to Buying Software

Most contractors are experts at their craft, not at evaluating estimating software. This article provides the framework to help contractors understand what factors to take into consideration and what questions to ask before choosing an estimating software.

Many contractors will make the mistake of buying software based on price alone. But similar to the construction trade, the lowest price doesn’t always mean the best quality or performance. Estimating software is an investment in the success of the business and the following areas should be taken into consideration before making a decision on which product to purchase.


Six Steps to Building a Solid Estimate

Six Steps to Building a Solid Estimate

One of the most important skills needed to run a successful contracting business is the ability to prepare accurate project estimates. If a contractor’s estimates aren’t accurate, there is a risk of losing money on the project.

Developing a precise project estimate requires attention to detail and should adhere to the best practices of the industry. Estimators have told us that following these six steps will help ensure that estimates are accurate and on point for every project.


Product Literature

The EDGE Estimator, Construction Estimating Software

Training Classes

We are very proud of our U.S. based training staff. Our trainers have construction and I.T. backgrounds. They have been in your shoes. We are sure that they will be patient, understanding and eager to help you be the most accurate, efficient and consistent estimator possible!


The EDGE Estimator, Construction Estimating Software

Excel vs The EDGE

Why choose The EDGE software over Microsoft® Excel®? Are your spreadsheets complex with multiple worksheets and cells referring back to other sheets? Are your estimates consistent between estimators or bids? Is it easy for you to review your bids? How do you make sure you are not overbidding or underbidding?


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