Estimating Drywall Projects

Inaccurate, error prone estimates can mean trouble to a Drywall Contractor. Inaccuracy leads to estimates that don’t win you projects or result in operating losses. If your estimates are accurate you still need to have the capability to produce enough estimates to meet crunch time demands. Finally, you need your estimates to be consistent so that clear communication is achieved within your organization, your clients and your vendors.

The best tool for Drywall Contractors is The EDGE. It is an end-to-end complete solution; it is trade specific and customized for your needs. Our product is designed with advanced technology that accounts for every detail and provides you with an accurate, consistent and automatic estimate-creating machine to build your business. The Estimating Edge truly gives your Drywall business a competitive edge.

Comprehensive Database
The EDGE’s interior database contains numerous suppliers and manufacturers of interior components including Armstrong and USG specialty groups. It includes systems for both rated and non-rated walls. Changes on the fly can be made with ease. Our Smart Labor feature facilitates estimating different wall heights. Our template items eliminate the need for hundreds of studs. And because walls can be a repetitive component of a building, we have included a copy and insert feature. This is a great time saver.

The EDGE software for Drywall quickly and accurately produces detailed reports including profit recap reports, alternate pricing, ordering, and job costing, which can be easily customized to meet your specific needs. You can separate the recaps or combine them for drywall and acoustical.

Our system is constructed to instantly give you the necessary flexibility and detailed knowledge at your fingertips, to improve your company’s ability to quickly produce accurate and consistent bids, resulting in maximum production and profitability. Our team will ensure that your software is custom-tailored to your company’s specific needs.

To schedule a live demonstration or to just learn more about how The EDGE can help your organization, call (844) 334-3378 or fill out this short form.

Fully Automated & Integrated

The EDGE’s automated systems are customized for each organization, accuracy and consistency is assured by technology that has been continuously improved over the last three decades. The bottom line is that our product gives you the ability to create more estimates, faster with the confidence that they will win the business.

Our fully integrated solution enables you to measure and price a job from one keyboard. Data moves seamlessly from takeoff screen to estimate. The system gives you total control and customization. The Drywall database is pre-loaded with manufacturer specific systems and prices but it will take you only minutes to fine-tune to your specific requirements.

Drywall Software Benefits

  • Works in the Cloud
  • Better Reporting
  • Enables Collaboration
  • Accurate Digital Measuring
  • Most Powerful Takeoff Screen
  • Additional Modules Available to Expand Capabilities
  • For Commercial and Residential Drywall Estimating
  • One-on-One Training so you hit the ground running
  • US based support



What Our Clients Say

Just a brief note expressing our sincere appreciation for your continuing support and for providing a great experience with a super product. Since 2009 our company has used the The Edge Estimating Software exclusively for all our estimating.

The software works the way we think, and prompts us to include every conceivable product and labor component. It has allowed us to quote more work and be 50% quicker and more precise. Working with digital drawings guarantees you always have the original drawings used to quote the job. The drawing reports give my customers confidence that our price accurately reflects the job. Using the drawing report (as well as other material reports) is a great way to provide the site personnel with information on the way the estimator assembled the quote. By using the reports provided we can now track labor and materials more effectively.

We have found that technical and support issues are always handled promptly and professionally and working with the support team has been a real pleasure. By using the Edge we can be more competitive, profitable and confidant with our proposal.

Gary Fehr
Pro West Interiors BC Ltd.


To schedule a live demonstration or to learn more about how The EDGE can streamline your estimating and increase your profits call (844) 334-3378 or fill out this short form.