Estimating Fireproofing Projects

Inaccurate, error prone estimates can mean trouble to a Fireproofing Contractor. Inaccuracy leads to estimates that don’t win you projects or result in operating losses. If your estimates are accurate you still need to have the capability to produce enough estimates to meet crunch time demands. Finally, you need your estimates to be consistent so that clear communication is achieved within your organization, your clients and your vendors.

The best tool for Fireproofing contractors is The EDGE. It is an end-to-end complete solution; it is trade specific and customized for your needs. Our product is designed with advanced technology that accounts for every detail and provides you with an accurate, consistent and automatic estimate-creating machine to build your business. The EDGE truly gives your Fireproofing business a competitive edge.

The EDGE streamlines and automates your fireproofing estimates. No more look up tables, calculators or guessing. Our clients tell us that our software makes estimating fireproofing jobs five to ten times faster than by hand. Jobs that used to take days or even weeks to estimate are now done in hours.

Our software comes with an extensive fireproofing database, including steel surfaces. Our Fire Test database contains UL designs and formulas and auto assigns many thicknesses. Among the many features is the ability to copy shapes from one area to another. It is easy to make changes and create what if scenarios for designs and product comparisons.

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The fireproofing module also comes with standard and custom reports that will assist with estimating, shop drawings and field management. This will allow you to not only sell more jobs, but also improve production, cost control, waste management and purchasing. Examples include:

Submittal Drawings
Enables you to generate your shop drawings for your submittal paperwork. These drawings will show your blueprints with lines color coded by steel type and a legend explaining Steel Type, UL Design, Hourly Rating and Thickness-to-be-sprayed. This report can save you hours, or even days, with your submittal paperwork.

Spray Charts
Our software will also generate Spray Charts (or color ups) for your field personnel/spray crew. These drawings will show your blueprints with lines color-coded by Thickness-to-be-sprayed and a legend for what thickness each color represents.

When you employ The EDGE fireproofing software, it may pay for itself on just the first or second job. And if the number of bids goes up without adding to your overhead, profits are bound to rise!

Our fully integrated solution enables you to measure and price a job from one keyboard. Data moves seamlessly from takeoff screen to estimate. The system gives you total control and customization. The Fireproofing database is pre-loaded with manufacturer specific systems and prices but it will take you only minutes to fine-tune to your specific requirements.

The EDGE Fireproofing Software Benefits

  • Works in the Cloud
  • Better Reporting
  • Enables Collaboration
  • Accurate Digital Measuring
  • Most Powerful Takeoff Screen
  • Additional Modules Available to expand capabilities
  • For Commercial and Residential Fireproofing Estimating
  • One on One Training so you hit the ground running
  • US based support

What Our Clients Say

I have used the EDGE software for nearly 15 years and have tried others programs at times, but nothing else comes close to comparing to The EDGE. We use if for Fireproofing, insulation, and spray foam, and AES has always helped in tailoring the software to meet our specific needs. The accuracy and speed of the program from start to finish with an estimate is unmatched by any other, nor is the customer service provided by AES. I highly recommend getting this program to facilitate all your estimating needs, not matter what business you’re in..

Hunter Green
Director of Estimating


To schedule a live demonstration or to learn more about how The EDGE can streamline your estimating and increase your profits call (844) 334-3378 or fill out this short form.